All posts for the month January, 2017

All right, magical ones, it is TIME! The Indiegogo IS HERE!!! Please click on the image below to get there!

The event page is RIGHT HERE if you want more up to date information. This time, I’m aiming to get enough to print the book with black and white images but will have a stretch goal of making it fully colored 🙂

Also, feast your eyes on these magical updates:

  1. The CONVENTION SCHEDULE has been updated with more shows I’ll be appearing at. I will most definitely have some magical girl merchandise and will most likely be doing panels about cosplay bullying, diversity, representation, and loving yourself.
  2. The OTHER MAGICAL WORKS section has been updated with more jobs from and MsMojo that I wrote the scripts for. There’s also new articles in the Twin Cities Geek section, including an introspective look at “Hidden Figures.”