All posts for the month January, 2019

Hey everyone! A couple of sections have been updated on the site!

  1. Be sure to check out CONVENTIONS AND EVENTS as the 2019 calendar is starting to get updated with the shows you’ll see me at!
  2. There’s some new articles you can read in the INTO section! Unfortunately, all of the writers/editors were fired as of 1/15/19, but I really enjoyed working with the team and producing content for them. I’m always open to write about topics that focus on representation, the geek community, and getting the perspective of a fat, black, queer woman. My email is (or

In book news, the second book is being edited RIGHT NOW! Still aiming for a 2019 release date, so keep your eyes open on news of a crowdfunding project to get things going. I hope to have even more art this time around, too, and am always open to talking with artists who want to illustrate my characters!

Here’s some fun Marianna sketches to tide you over 🙂 And don’t forget: you are magical!

Hey everyone! Welcome to 2019! Expect to see some major updates in the next few weeks that include:

  • New articles I’ve written
  • Upcoming conventions for the year
  • Updates for book 2
  • New art of the girls

Currently, the rough draft for the second book is DONE! The goal is to have it released THIS YEAR! I’m really excited to show off the next installment to the series!

Take care, and HAPPY 2019!!!