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Hey there, magical ones! I’ve returned from my honeymoon (actually got back last Wednesday night but have been catching up on things) Thank you for the well wishes, my partner and I had an amazing time! We went to a little shotgun ceremony place with some of our loved ones, here’s a quick pic:

Now back to business!

1. One more piece of art is being worked on then everything will be in for Book 2!

2. The store has been reopened now that my partner and I are back 🙂

3. While book formatting is in progress, I’m in the process of getting the backer rewards in. Here are some of the stickers and buttons, there are more things to come:

These items will also be for sale in the MERCHANDISE section if you missed out during the Kickstarter.

4. Head over to the updated CONVENTIONS AND EVENTS section, there’s three more shows left for the year and plans for next year are underway!

That’s all! And don’t forget: you are magical!

Art by Fried Unicorn Studios.

Hey there, magical ones! If you’ve been keeping up with me on social media you know that my partner and I are off to get married this weekend! I’ll be gone from 9/8 to 9/18, so there won’t be any updates until after that time.

Here are some super quick Book 2 updates though:

  1. Formatting is in progress!
  2. 21/23 of the planned art pieces have been turned in (including the cover). There may be a 24th one(?) We shall see!
  3. 4/? new mini-comics have been illustrated by me for the book!

Since I’ll be gone I’ve closed my store (especially since I won’t have Internet access for most of the time I’m away) and it’ll reopen when I return, so if you were looking to order anything please wait until after 9/18.

Oh! If you ordered a copy of the first book at Gen Con (since we sold out during that weekend) they have arrived and I’ll be shipping them out before I leave!

That’s all! Thanks, magical ones! Next time I update I’ll be married!