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Hey there, magical ones. Yes, you read that right, we’re gearing up for the second book in the magnifiqueNOIR series! Before we get to that, here’s some quick updates:

  1. There’s a NEW VIDEO REVIEW for the book from Jade Aurora that you can check out!
  2. The COMING SOON section has had a major update, with future releases planned for this year, 2020, and beyond. Be sure to check it out for new books AND fandom zines that Briana is part of this year!
  3. Check out the CONVENTIONS AND EVENTS section for more of Briana’s appearances throughout the year. There are a few shows that she’s never been to before, and some old favorites, so be sure to see if she’ll be in your city!
  4. There’s some new MERCHANDISE to check out, specifically, brand new STICKERS! Be sure to check them out. Also, stay tuned, as there will be MAJOR UPDATES FOR THE COLORING PAGE SECTION & NEW PRINTS WILL BE ADDED TO THE PRINT SECTION!
  5. The first book has also been spotted in a couple of libraries! You can check out where HERE!
  6. The FREELANCE WRITING section has a new menu: UNCANNY MAGAZINE!

And now for the major update: BOOK TWO! There’s actually a synopsis for it written up in the COMING SOON section linked above, and the title will be revealed in May with the Kickstarter.

Yep, you read that right: KICKSTARTER! In a few more weeks the crowdfunding for the second book will begin with plans for more art, more merchandise, and plenty of black girl magic. Stay tuned for updates throughout the next couple of weeks!

Take care, and don’t forget: you are magical: