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That’s right, we did it! The Kickstarter has been funded! It’s time to get book two finished up!

I’ll be leaving town for a few days for a family emergency, but once I return it’ll be full steam ahead for the second book! Backers, please expect to receive surveys asking for any information that I’ll need from you in regards to your order. This will also be the time to let me know of any add ons you accounted for, specific characters for your tiers, the name you want used on the “Thank You” page, shipping address, and things like that. 

In the meantime, I’ll be getting in touch with artists, getting their payments squared away, and spending this month doing final edits on the book. Any book progress will be shared on the Kickstarter page first followed by social media and here on the website. Get ready for some truly magical things!

If there’s enough money leftover it’ll be put toward more things for the book. Even if we didn’t hit the stretch goals, there may be enough to at least get a few small things, more art, ect. If, for some reason, you missed out on backing the campaign, fear not! I’ll be doing pre-orders for the book at a later date and at the conventions I attend throughout the year (schedule coming soon). There will also be new prints in the print shop, more stickers, and other merchandise thanks the campaign being successful.

Have a good weekend everyone, and don’t forget: you are magical!