All posts for the month April, 2018

Hey there, magical ones! Sorry for the lack of updates as I’ve been EXTREMELY busy with convention season. But here’s some nice, springtime updates for ya!

  1. The Interviews & Features section has been updated with some exciting stuff from “Black Girls Create” and even “The Curvy Fashionista” <3 <3 <3
  2. There’s now a new section on the site called Panels and Presentations, which offers a glimpse at the panels my partner and IĀ give at conventions!
  3. The Merchandise section has been updated with a lot of fun, new things! There’s now BOOKSTORE LOCATIONS where you can grab a copy of the first book in the series! This is also where BOOK READINGS have been moved to. There’s also new PRINTS in the shop, so keep decorating your walls with #BlackGirlMagic!
  4. Lots of writing updates! First, there’s two new novels you can check out HERE! Now onto some cool, freelance updates from the following sections:





Black Girl Nerds

Twin Cities Geek Movie Reviews

That’s all for now! Take care, magical ones!