Hey everyone! I haven’t updated in a long while, but with conventions coming back and me working on the THIRD book in the series, I thought it was about time to get everyone up to speed.

First, along with working on the book, I have a lot of fun new projects lined up that I’ll be sharing information on soon! I also now work as a full-time entertainment writer for The Mary Sue! So I’ve been doing a LOT of writing in the last year or so!

That being said, this website will no longer be updated. Why? Because I have a brand new one that I’ll be keeping up to date with ALL of my writing adventures, not just magnifiqueNOIR. That website is where you’ll want to go for information on this book series and everything else I’m writing from here on out.

New website is here! https://www.brishouldbewriting.com/

Thank you for all of the support of my work during these last couple of years. Please continue to keep up with my writing as I continue magnifiqueNOIR and offer up brand new stories and creations!

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this page. As I’m sure you’re all aware, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic that thas majorly affected our way of life. At the moment, all of our planned events have been canceled/postponed up until July. My wife and I have taken to making masks, which has become our primary source of income and our number one focus.

That doesn’t mean our creative projects are completely on hold. I have a new Kickstarter in the works for enamel pins and will have more details in the next few weeks! I’ll also have a new article ready soon as I’ve slowly gotten back into writing. We still have plenty of merchandise available in our shop, especially since our planned events aren’t happening, so you can still get copies of our books, prints, and other fun things!

Take care, and stay inside!

Hey there, magical ones! Almost every section of the website is being updated right now since THE SECOND BOOK HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN RELEASED! It’s been a busy start to the new decade with promoting it and gearing up for conventions, so be sure to check out, well, everything! Convention appearances. New articles. New merchandise. Zines. 2020 is shaping up to be a pretty magical year!

Also, a huge thank you for all the support this series is getting. I can’t thank you all enough. I hope you enjoy the newest installment, and get ready for more magic throughout the year!

Hey there, magical ones! Just wanted to give some quick, but major updates! 

1. The first round of formatting has been completed! Once I look over it we can make any final changes + insert the images into the draft for the eBook copy/printed copy. I hope to have this done by early next week (we have a convention this weekend that we’re getting ready for, hence not getting to it until next week) while my formatter hopes to have everything finalized before the end of the month. Once that happens, I’ll be sending the book off to get a printed proof copy! 

If you were here for the first book then you know that I was able to have some fun with the formatting, making text message bubbles and special font for transformations/attacks. I’m thrilled that I was able to work with the same formatter (Pete Liethen) and we have all of those fun tidbits throughout the book again:

2. ALL OF THE ART IS IN! All that’s left is for me to make the back cover, which I’ll be doing after I look over the formatting. 

3. A bit of bad news: it looks like the book won’t be done this month as planned, which means (most likely) a November release. However, to make up for the delay, I’ve been working on extra art to add to the book while the formatting was being done. In the first book I did a couple of fun little mini-comics. They will be making a return! Here’s one of the finished ones:

A cosmic recap

Thank you for all of your patience and support, and don’t forget: you are magical!

Hey there, magical ones! I’ve returned from my honeymoon (actually got back last Wednesday night but have been catching up on things) Thank you for the well wishes, my partner and I had an amazing time! We went to a little shotgun ceremony place with some of our loved ones, here’s a quick pic:

Now back to business!

1. One more piece of art is being worked on then everything will be in for Book 2!

2. The store has been reopened now that my partner and I are back 🙂

3. While book formatting is in progress, I’m in the process of getting the backer rewards in. Here are some of the stickers and buttons, there are more things to come:

These items will also be for sale in the MERCHANDISE section if you missed out during the Kickstarter.

4. Head over to the updated CONVENTIONS AND EVENTS section, there’s three more shows left for the year and plans for next year are underway!

That’s all! And don’t forget: you are magical!

Art by Fried Unicorn Studios.

Hey there, magical ones! If you’ve been keeping up with me on social media you know that my partner and I are off to get married this weekend! I’ll be gone from 9/8 to 9/18, so there won’t be any updates until after that time.

Here are some super quick Book 2 updates though:

  1. Formatting is in progress!
  2. 21/23 of the planned art pieces have been turned in (including the cover). There may be a 24th one(?) We shall see!
  3. 4/? new mini-comics have been illustrated by me for the book!

Since I’ll be gone I’ve closed my store (especially since I won’t have Internet access for most of the time I’m away) and it’ll reopen when I return, so if you were looking to order anything please wait until after 9/18.

Oh! If you ordered a copy of the first book at Gen Con (since we sold out during that weekend) they have arrived and I’ll be shipping them out before I leave!

That’s all! Thanks, magical ones! Next time I update I’ll be married!

Good day, magical ones! It’s been a while since we’ve had an update, huh? The summer has been busy with conventions and wedding planning (that’s right, ya girl’s getting married next month, ah!) but I’ve managed to find some downtime so it’s time for some sweet updates!

First thing’s first, check out the cover to the second book in the magnifiqueNOIR series:

Art by Jenn St-Onge

You can pre-order a physical copy of the book here! The planned release is in October of this year!

Next up are some work-related updates:

Last, but not least, check out the Book Snippets section for a sneak peek at the next magnifiqueNOIR along with some more of my books! This section will be updated later with future titles and fanzines.

Thanks, and don’t forget: you are magical 🙂

That’s right, we did it! The Kickstarter has been funded! It’s time to get book two finished up!

I’ll be leaving town for a few days for a family emergency, but once I return it’ll be full steam ahead for the second book! Backers, please expect to receive surveys asking for any information that I’ll need from you in regards to your order. This will also be the time to let me know of any add ons you accounted for, specific characters for your tiers, the name you want used on the “Thank You” page, shipping address, and things like that. 

In the meantime, I’ll be getting in touch with artists, getting their payments squared away, and spending this month doing final edits on the book. Any book progress will be shared on the Kickstarter page first followed by social media and here on the website. Get ready for some truly magical things!

If there’s enough money leftover it’ll be put toward more things for the book. Even if we didn’t hit the stretch goals, there may be enough to at least get a few small things, more art, ect. If, for some reason, you missed out on backing the campaign, fear not! I’ll be doing pre-orders for the book at a later date and at the conventions I attend throughout the year (schedule coming soon). There will also be new prints in the print shop, more stickers, and other merchandise thanks the campaign being successful.

Have a good weekend everyone, and don’t forget: you are magical!

Hey there, magical ones. Yes, you read that right, we’re gearing up for the second book in the magnifiqueNOIR series! Before we get to that, here’s some quick updates:

  1. There’s a NEW VIDEO REVIEW for the book from Jade Aurora that you can check out!
  2. The COMING SOON section has had a major update, with future releases planned for this year, 2020, and beyond. Be sure to check it out for new books AND fandom zines that Briana is part of this year!
  3. Check out the CONVENTIONS AND EVENTS section for more of Briana’s appearances throughout the year. There are a few shows that she’s never been to before, and some old favorites, so be sure to see if she’ll be in your city!
  4. There’s some new MERCHANDISE to check out, specifically, brand new STICKERS! Be sure to check them out. Also, stay tuned, as there will be MAJOR UPDATES FOR THE COLORING PAGE SECTION & NEW PRINTS WILL BE ADDED TO THE PRINT SECTION!
  5. The first book has also been spotted in a couple of libraries! You can check out where HERE!
  6. The FREELANCE WRITING section has a new menu: UNCANNY MAGAZINE!

And now for the major update: BOOK TWO! There’s actually a synopsis for it written up in the COMING SOON section linked above, and the title will be revealed in May with the Kickstarter.

Yep, you read that right: KICKSTARTER! In a few more weeks the crowdfunding for the second book will begin with plans for more art, more merchandise, and plenty of black girl magic. Stay tuned for updates throughout the next couple of weeks!

Take care, and don’t forget: you are magical: