Hey there, magical ones. Yes, you read that right, we’re gearing up for the second book in the magnifiqueNOIR series! Before we get to that, here’s some quick updates:

  1. There’s a NEW VIDEO REVIEW for the book from Jade Aurora that you can check out!
  2. The COMING SOON section has had a major update, with future releases planned for this year, 2020, and beyond. Be sure to check it out for new books AND fandom zines that Briana is part of this year!
  3. Check out the CONVENTIONS AND EVENTS section for more of Briana’s appearances throughout the year. There are a few shows that she’s never been to before, and some old favorites, so be sure to see if she’ll be in your city!
  4. There’s some new MERCHANDISE to check out, specifically, brand new STICKERS! Be sure to check them out. Also, stay tuned, as there will be MAJOR UPDATES FOR THE COLORING PAGE SECTION & NEW PRINTS WILL BE ADDED TO THE PRINT SECTION!
  5. The first book has also been spotted in a couple of libraries! You can check out where HERE!
  6. The FREELANCE WRITING section has a new menu: UNCANNY MAGAZINE!

And now for the major update: BOOK TWO! There’s actually a synopsis for it written up in the COMING SOON section linked above, and the title will be revealed in May with the Kickstarter.

Yep, you read that right: KICKSTARTER! In a few more weeks the crowdfunding for the second book will begin with plans for more art, more merchandise, and plenty of black girl magic. Stay tuned for updates throughout the next couple of weeks!

Take care, and don’t forget: you are magical:

2018 was a big year for me. I fully embraced my career as a freelance writer and wrote several pieces that touched on the media I consume, how it relates to social issues, and the importance of the fan communities I’ve been a part of for years. I’m pleased to say that I am eligible for the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer through the works I created. Here are some examples of my fan work:

Fan Community Pieces

Media Pieces

I am proud of all of the pieces I’ve written that dissect my favorite forms of media and link them to the social issues I (and others) face on a daily basis. The pieces below are ones that I feel strongly showcase my work and convey an important message. They are eligible for the Best Related Work Hugo Award.

Thank you for your consideration and for taking the time to look over my work.

Hey everyone! A couple of sections have been updated on the site!

  1. Be sure to check out CONVENTIONS AND EVENTS as the 2019 calendar is starting to get updated with the shows you’ll see me at!
  2. There’s some new articles you can read in the INTO section! Unfortunately, all of the writers/editors were fired as of 1/15/19, but I really enjoyed working with the team and producing content for them. I’m always open to write about topics that focus on representation, the geek community, and getting the perspective of a fat, black, queer woman. My email is brichibi@yahoo.com (or @gmail.com)

In book news, the second book is being edited RIGHT NOW! Still aiming for a 2019 release date, so keep your eyes open on news of a crowdfunding project to get things going. I hope to have even more art this time around, too, and am always open to talking with artists who want to illustrate my characters!

Here’s some fun Marianna sketches to tide you over 🙂 And don’t forget: you are magical!

Hey everyone! Welcome to 2019! Expect to see some major updates in the next few weeks that include:

  • New articles I’ve written
  • Upcoming conventions for the year
  • Updates for book 2
  • New art of the girls

Currently, the rough draft for the second book is DONE! The goal is to have it released THIS YEAR! I’m really excited to show off the next installment to the series!

Take care, and HAPPY 2019!!!

Hey there, magical ones! I’ve got 4 weekends of events coming your way! They are:

Date: October 19 – 21st

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Where to Find Me: ARTIST ALLEY! I will have a table and will be selling all weekend. Table location will be posted closer to the event.

Date: October 27th

Time: 10AM – 3PM

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Where to Find Me: GUEST AUTHOR! I will have a table and will be selling my work. Table location will be posted closer to the event.

Date: November 2 – 4th

Location: Omaha, NE

Where to Find Me: I AM A GUEST AT THIS CONVENTION! This means I will have a table where I will be selling all weekend, AND I will also be doing panels. Table location and panel updates will be posted soon!

Date: November 9 – 11th

Location: Galveston, TX

Where to Find Me: I AM A GUEST AT THIS CONVENTION! This means I will have a table where I will be selling all weekend, AND I will also be doing panels. Table location and panel updates will be posted soon!

Also, here’s some quick updates:

  1. There’s some new PLUS ULTRA prints available in the shop!
  2. There’s a new freelance section for INVERSE.COM!

That’s all for now. Thank you, magical ones!


Hey there, magical ones! Happy July! Happy Summer! Happy PHEW IT’S HOT! There’s a lot of exciting updates to enjoy, so beat the heat with these neat treats:

  1. There is an AMAZING VIDEO REVIEW FOR THE BOOK FOR YOU TO CHECK OUT IN THE REVIEW SECTION!!! Thank you so much Orange Juice Cosplay (who also does some amazing Sailor Venus cosplay while reviewing the book!)
  2. The Conventions and Events section has been updated with more shows, so be sure to check that up to see where we’re headed this year! More updates will be made as more shows are confirmed.
  3. We got some new Fanart of the girls from Shade Nickole Art and it is STUNNING!
  4. WE GOTS A PATREON NOW!!! Check it out for all kinds of fun things (tutorials, sneak peaks at upcoming projects, and more!)
  5. Lots more freelance writings, so be sure to check out the following sections:


The Root

NEW SECTION: Black Youth Project

Twin Cities Geek Movie Reviews

Other Freelance Works

That’s all for now! Thanks for all the support, and don’t forget: you are magical!

Hey there, magical ones! Sorry for the lack of updates as I’ve been EXTREMELY busy with convention season. But here’s some nice, springtime updates for ya!

  1. The Interviews & Features section has been updated with some exciting stuff from “Black Girls Create” and even “The Curvy Fashionista” <3 <3 <3
  2. There’s now a new section on the site called Panels and Presentations, which offers a glimpse at the panels my partner and I give at conventions!
  3. The Merchandise section has been updated with a lot of fun, new things! There’s now BOOKSTORE LOCATIONS where you can grab a copy of the first book in the series! This is also where BOOK READINGS have been moved to. There’s also new PRINTS in the shop, so keep decorating your walls with #BlackGirlMagic!
  4. Lots of writing updates! First, there’s two new novels you can check out HERE! Now onto some cool, freelance updates from the following sections:





Black Girl Nerds

Twin Cities Geek Movie Reviews

That’s all for now! Take care, magical ones!