Good day, magical ones! This is to let you all know that there’s a new section on the website dedicated to the movie reviews I do for Twin Cities Geek! You can check it out HERE! Here’s what you have to look forward to in the next few weeks:



  • Black Panther (2/16)
  • A Wrinkle in Time (3/9)
  • Tomb Raider (3/16) ***This one will be uploaded on the site late since Bri will be at Naka-Kon that weekend, but be sure to check out Twin Cities Geek, as it’ll be posted there***




Also, there’s a new article up in the SyFy section about #28DaysOfBlackCosplay so be sure to check that out. Until next time, magical ones!

Hey there, magical ones! Happy February, and of course, happy #28DaysOfBlackCosplay!

We have all kinds of amazing updates this month!

  • If you head over to the MERCHANDISE section where the first book is, you’ll see that I’ve added the Barnes & Noble link for the book!
  • The CONVENTIONS AND EVENTS section has been updated with something very exciting: Briana’s going to be speaking at the U of M this month! She’ll be talking about her professional and personal journey as a black, queer, writing geek navigating through a space that doesn’t always love you as much as you love it. You can check out the details of the event HERE!


  1. A new section that features writing Briana’s done for THE GLOW UP!
  2. A new section that features writing Briana’s done for BLACK GIRL NERDS!
  3. Some more content for MojoPlays!

That’s all for now. Take care, magical ones!

Good day, magical ones! Just a quick update: there’s some new writing sections on the website now that feature more of my freelance writing. They are:

  1. SyFy: I have a couple of pieces I’ve written for SyFy on various forms of pop culture!
  2. MojoPlays: WatchMojo has a new channel that is specifically for video games! This has reviews, essays, and basically takes a more in-depth look at the industry! I’m super proud of this channel as I’ve been helping write pieces for its launch!

That’s all for now!

Hey there, everyone! We got some quick updates!

  1. We are actually SOLD OUT of autographed copies of the book for the holidays!!! I’ve ordered another shipment and will update when they arrive. Thank you SO MUCH for all the support!
  2. There’s some new Reviews up that you can go and check out. See what people are saying about the ladies of magnifiqueNOIR!
  3. The Print Section has been updated with new 8.5X11 prints, some by yours truly!

That’s all for now! Happy Holidays, magical ones!

Hi there, magical ones! Long time no update, huh? We did a LOT of conventions in the fall and are now home for the winter, so it’s about time for some updates!

  1. You can head over to the Interviews & Features section to listen to a few podcasts where I talk about the book! There’s also a few more Interviews through different websites, too!
  2. Convention season may be over, but plans for 2018 are already underway! Check out the Convention & Events section to see where we’re headed!
  5. Check out these new MsMojo videos that I wrote the script for as we close out 2017!
  6. There’s some new movie reviews up in the Twin Cities Geek section!
  7. You can check out the article I wrote for SyFy about the X-Men animated series in the Other Published Works section!

Along with those updates is a special update for the holidays. If you’re wanting to get an autographed copy of the book for Christmas, we still have a few copies left, but hurry, as they are limited! Please order by 12/16 if you’re trying to get it by Christmas as that should be enough time. If you order after this date (or we run out) then the book will come after the holidays.

You can always order through Amazon as well, but those copies won’t come signed.

Be sure to look through the MERCHANDISE tab if there’s anything extra you’d like. Again, if you want it by Christmas, place your order by 12/16!

Last, but not least, check out this tasty piece of art for the second book. Yep, we’ve got art for book two already thanks to our buddies over at Musetap Studios! This series is called “Hidden in Plain Sight” and highlights the transformation tools the girls use… save for Prism Pink, who will be revealed in Book Two: You Are Magical!

Happy Holidays, magical ones!

This time last year I was launching the Kickstarter for this little idea I had about a group of black, queer, magical girls. While the Kickstarter didn’t end up panning out, I told myself that I wouldn’t give up on the idea and that I’d finish the story and release it someday.

Today is that day.

“magnifiqueNOIR” is here and I am so thrilled to be presenting it to everyone!

If you’ve already preordered the book through the Indiegogo or our Etsy shop, you will be receiving it very soon! I got confirmation from UPS that the 15 boxes (yes, 15!) will be at my house this Friday! After that, I’ll be autographing all of them and then giving my post office a nightmare (just kidding, we already talked to them and came up with a plan).

If you haven’t ordered the book yet, now is your chance! Not just the physical copy, but the eBook as well! So here’s Bri’s somewhat comprehensive list of ways to have a little bit of black girl magic in your home, on your Kindle, and more important: in your hearts (boo Bri that was cheesy).

  1. The super special awesomely autographed copy! Follow the link here to get a physical copy of the book autographed by yours truly! We have a limited amount of numbers before we order batch #2 of the book in time for fall season conventions!
  2. The amazing Amazon physical copy! While it doesn’t come with my autograph, it is discounted for a limited time, and hey, free shipping through Prime is always nice! 
  3. The magically fantastic eBook copy! Because who doesn’t want their electronic reading device to come packed with black girl magic? 
  4. Conventions! I’ll have a list of them up soon, but this Saturday, I’ll be at MSP Fall ComiCon at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, so if you’re local, you can come and get a copy of the book from me in person!

Now comes the next part: promotion. If you are absolutely in love with the book, talk about it online! Use the hashtag #magnifiqueNOIR to share your love for these girls. Take pictures of your book/eBook, share this post everywhere, and definitely, most definitely, definitely definitely definitely LEAVE A REVIEW when you’re done reading! Let’s show the world that black girls with magical powers are spectacular!

As always, thank you from the bottom of my chubby black queer girl heart for all the support. When I came up with this idea last March, I had no idea it would grow so much. There may have been some hiccups along the way, but we’re here now, and you all are truly magical 🙂

“Sleepover” by NamiOki

Just a fun update to celebrate the fall season 🙂 (and yes, this will be a coloring page later) Also, you should go check out the WALLPAPER section, as it’s been updated with new backgrounds you can download!

Take care, and don’t forget, you are magical!